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1996 Tax Act - Effects on Individuals
1996 Tax Act Provisions for Small Business and Benefits for Medical Health
1996 Tax Rates for Individuals
1997 The Taxpayer Relief Act
1998 IRS Restructuring & Reform Act - part 1
1998 IRS Restructuring & Reform Act - part 2
A Better Deal for Small Businesses in California
Are You Likely to be Audited by the IRS?
Avoiding Tax Penalties & Knowing the Estimated Tax Rules
Checklist of Common Tax Deductible Expenses - [by Profession]
Child's ID # Required for Exemption or Childcare Credit
Deduction of Payments to an Ex-Spouse as Alimony
Discharging Tax Debts in Bankruptcy
Do You Really Owe Taxes on Your Baby Sitter?
Eleven Tax Changes that Take Effect January 1, 1997
Employee vs. Independent Contractors
Estate Planning
Inaccurate Tax Returns Could result in Civil & Criminal Penalties
Income Tax Organizer
IRS Guidelines for Independent Contractors
IRS Revamps "Offer in Compromise" Policy
High Stakes Audit Roulette: Corporate Tax Scams - part 1
High Stakes Audit Roulette: Corporate Tax Scams - part 2
How Long Should You Retain Business Records?
How to Get a Double Tax Break from Business Meals
How to Get a "FEIN" - Federal Employer's Identification Number
New Capital Gain Rules
New Relief for the Self-Employed
Over 650 Tax Changes in 1996
Revocable Living Trust vs. Will
Secrets of IRS Auditors
Sham Trust Analysis
Surgery to Eliminate Eyeglasses is a Medical Expense
Tax Issues Concerning Small Businesses - part 1
Tax Issues Concerning Small Businesses - part 2
Tax Preparation Checklist for Individuals
Tax Scams Victimizing Charities - part1
Tax Scams Victimizing Charities - part2
Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Taxation of E-commerce - part 1
Taxation of E-commerce - part 2
Ten Divorce Tax Tips
the LAW, the IRS, the TAXPAYER, and ...
The Structure of the IRS
Use of Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
When the Tax Man Cometh!
Your Wallet Has Just Been Stolen/Lost - Now What?
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